Working as a Personal Banker at Wells Fargo: 2,810 Reviews …

Great company. They promote within.

You are responsible for your own advancement. The company promotes diversity and has a number of cultural diverse group. Love it.

Needing something better for myself and son. They have amazing benefits and work environment. Working on getting my accounting degree but really don’t have an opportunity to excel in my studies


Amazing people and meeting new people

Great environment to work in and have great managers working. Hardest part of the job is dealing with different customer personalities, but Wells Fargo trains you to deal with difference situations and scenarios. Came into the job knowing basic cash handling skills and within 10 months, opportunity for a promotion came up and really helped that the manager was with me in every step of the way.


Great co-workers and diversity in the workplace.


No cons other than being placed in different position due to COVID.

Easy to move up in company, pay not what it should be, unrealistic expectations and goals. Easy to network, employees are often needed to cover at other branches in the area.

Usually a stress free banking work environment. Many company and policy changes happen monthly sometimes changing job expectations. A great place to learn banking while also working on site for real world experience.

Wells Fargo was by far the best company I have ever working for as well as having such a good management team. I was couched by management constantly in regards to perfecting my role as a banker.

They like to say they’ve changed and are no longer doing sales. The pressure is still there and management only cares about themselves. Only the favorites get promoted and the company will let customers walk all over you.

Terrible leadership with no sense of loyalty to their employees. Management are “yes” people (if they want to work their long or to advance). Decent pay for the work performed, good benefits and tuition reimbursement.

I do not recommend if you do not feel comfortable in a corporate environment


Pay for the work completed, benefits


Solely Management and leadership

The culture on paper is good, you will report to the assistant branch manager, branch manager, and 2 service managers if your branch has them. Your Branch manager reports to the district manager who in turn reports to the market president. All of these individuals set a local culture and they have the power to make your job pleasant if they stick to the companys culture or unpleasant if they take the liberty of interpreting the company culture as they see fit or ignoring it all together. For some time now Wells Fargo has consistently hired “yes” men/women to fill management positions, not necessarily smart men/women and this is where you can have a tough time working here.


Meet a lot of people, can be fun to have converstions with many different people.


Managers hired arent necessarily the smartest.

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You have great benefits and great environment, lots of activities and work functions. Lots of discounts and great deals. Work and personal life is on point balancing (depending on schedule), and depending in what department you work in you’ll see who’s favorite. Don’t get me wrong if you work hard and show your worth you shouldn’t have any problems escalating in positions. The more productive you are the more they reward you. If you do get hired please take advantage of all your benefits.


Benefits, work life balance, income

very good place to work, room for advancement. I really appreciate the opportunity to work at Wells Fargo. I was able to learn and obtain new skills working at wells fargo

During Covid, the company stood on it values and supported team members as they dealt with the difficulties and hardship of covid and that speaks volume since similar institutions did not offer the same benefits to their employees.

Basically there is no margin for error. One strike and you’re gone. There’s a lot of favoritism and employees that should never have been hired due to their personality and poor customer service skills. I always felt like I was a target there and never felt any sense of job security.


Favoritism like high school

Happy with company and lots of opportunities to grow. I learned a lot working for Wells Fargo . I started as a part time teller and then gained more hoe hours as a teller. When I was ready for full time job then I tried for the job was interested and got success.

Run, don’t walk. Far, far away. Managers attempt to pressure you into unethical selling practices to exceed their branch goals. Ridiculous culture, and not surprised they were busted.

love the company, management is very supportive in your growth and wants to see continue to move up in your career. I’ve learned so many things from different managers that has made me get where I’m at.

its a great company to work for,they have amazing pay and benefits, ability to move up in the company. management does what they can to make your work life enjoyable. lots of on the phone time depending on your position, but they give you time to do fun activities also

Team work is important as well as putting customers first. Seamless transition from specialist to specialist. The company truly cares about the customers. I love the implication of customer experience causing change.

Wells Fargo is a good place to work at. The company takes care of their employees and have the right values. Great working environment with great benefits such as PTO, health insurance, 401k.

No job security but decent benefits and the inclusion and diversity is great here. With branches closing, everyone is in limbo about the future at wf.

Secure job. Typical day is arriving, setting appointments, helping customers and going home. Workplace customer varies branch to branch and I think the company has changed a lot over the last few years but still have room to grow in certain areas.

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